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In a tight talent market, professional and technical specialists are among the hardest to attract. At Qualified Professional & Technical, we know the professional & technical talent market inside-out and can help you attract and retain the best people.

We gain an in-depth understanding of candidate expectations in terms of work environment, compensation, and career goals – enabling us to find you the perfect match.

Qualified Professional & Technical ensures every employee has the experience and skills required to succeed in your organization. Our team of professional & technical recruites will develop a comprehensive talent strategy based on best practices and your input.

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Qualified Professional & Technical Staffing is a leading provider of Total Workforce Solutions that delivers talent for projects ranging from the occasional temporary development to fully staffing the teammates needed to launch a new operation.

Our clientele span from start-up enterprises with new and innovative technologies to existing organizations that offer a variety of advanced challenges for today’s workforce.

The roles we excel in filling span from disciplines in the research and development landscape through manufacturing disciplines. This includes every possible engineering and technical profession along with program management and support personnel.

We deliver solutions for our clients by doing more than simply taking orders.

Qualified Professional & Technical Staffing creates customized hiring campaigns based not only on the specific skill requirements, but include other details such as:

  • Market Conditions
  • Competing Technology
  • Region / Geographic Features
  • Offer Management
  • Wage Analysis
  • Company Culture
  • Retention support and many more factors that are packed into every search.

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